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100 Online Parenting Classes

100 Online Parenting Classes

$ 149.00

We all know that partnering with parents increases our impact in the lives of young people. 

Many of us know we should do more to partner with them, but don't know how or lack the resources to do so.  

One way to effectively partner with parents is through providing them with online parenting classes. 

We've teamed up with Parent Ministry to release ONE HUNDRED Online Parenting Classes! 

Each class includes one 4-6 minute video, and tackles various issues and topics. 

The videos are designed to encourage and equip parents to navigate the challenges of raising children & teenagers in a spiritual environment.

Send the videos to the families in your ministry through email, or your ministry’s website. That way, they can go through at their own pace - anywhere and anytime. 

Or you can use them for a series of parenting classes or for upcoming parenting meetings at your church. 

Whatever works for you :)

You'll receive a total of 100 classes...50 videos designed for parents of kids (ages 6-12 years old) and 50 videos for parents of teenagers (ages 13-18 years old).

Each video includes: the title, description, and video link that can be shared with the parents in your ministry - all organized into an easy-to-use index.

If you're not 100% happy with this product, we'll be happy to refund the full amount within 30 days of purchase. 


Check out this sample video on "Controlling Technology" designed for parents of kids, ages 6-12 years old:


These videos are designed for parents of kids, ages 6-12 years old.

  • Family Rules for Sleepovers
  • Leveraging the Dinner Table
  • Controlling Technology
  • Helping Your Child be More Confident
  • Cyberbullying
  • Embracing the Power of Schedule
  • Parenting from a United Front
  • The Potential of Saying "No"
  • Disrespectful Speech and Attitudes
  • Shame Versus Guilt
  • Handling Frustration, Anger, and Arguments
  • Developing Good Study Habits
  • Money Management and Allowance
  • Conversations through TV Shows and Movies
  • Manners, Politeness, and Respect
  • Helping around the House
  • Infusing God into Everyday Life
  • A Third Party
  • How to Fight Fair
  • The Importance of Childhood Inventory
  • 4 Personal God Things to Share with Your Child
  • When Family Devotions go Wrong
  • Teaching Your Kids about Mercy
  • Scriptures you can Pray for your Kids
  • What if you don’t like your child’s friend?
  • Establishing Healthy Gaming Boundaries
  • Knowing when your Child Should Quit
  • Preparing for Puberty
  • Overcoming Failures
  • How to Speak “Kid Language”
  • How to have a Scream-Free Home
  • Fun Ways to Study Scripture with Your Child
  • Overcoming Failures
  • Dealing with a Rebellious Child
  • Allowing your Child to Struggle
  • How to Handle Bedtime without the Fight
  • Keeping our Children Safe Online
  • Helping Kids Process Evil
  • Encouragement vs. Perfectionism
  • Creating an Empathetic Child
  • Taming our Kid’s Emotional Meltdowns
  • How Do I Teach my Child to be Respectful?
  • Helping Your Child be a Real Friend
  • Time Management for your Family
  • Teaching our Kids Honor Through Discipline
  • My Child and Technology
  • Walking your Child through Fear
  • What do I do When my Child is Struggling at School?
  • The Selfish Child: How Do I Handle my Child Wanting More?
  • Talking with My Child about Bullying                        

Watch this sample video designed for parents of teenagers - HELP, My Teenager is Pulling Away:


These videos are designed for parents of teenagers, ages 13-18 years old.

  • Help, My Teen is Pulling Away
  • Leveraging the Dinner Table
  • Empowering Your Teen to Say No (Controlling Schedules)
  • The Power of the Family Goal 
  • Becoming the Advisor Your Teen Needs
  • Cyberbullying
  • Helping Your Teen Handle Money
  • Parents and Prodigals
  • Dads and Daughters
  • Moms and Sons
  • Strategies for Blended Families
  • Avoiding Power Struggles with your Teens
  • No Perfect Parent
  • The Power of Empathy
  • Combating Shame
  • Parenting Yourself
  • Do I Parent Using Shame?
  • Punishment Versus Discipline
  • Shame Versus Guilt
  • Teaching Your Teen to Be a Good Example to Younger Siblings
  • A Godly Relationship vs. a Good Friendship with Your Teen
  • Helping Your Teen Develop a Personal Devotional Life
  • Teaching Your Teen Responsibility
  • Helping Your Teen Deal with Stress
  • Developing Gratefulness in Your Teen
  • Their Safe Place
  • Connecting Through the Written Word
  • Rage vs. Anger
  • The 3 Seasons of Being a Teenager
  • 3 Questions to Help Your Teenager to Start Talking
  • 3 Types of Spiritual Conversations You Can Have with Your Teenager
  • Goal Setting with Your Teenager
  • Pressure to be Perfect
  • Is my Teenager Self-Obsessed?
  • Help Your Teen with Social Media
  • Looking for an Identity
  • Teens and Cell Phones
  • How to Have A Tough Conversation with Your Teenager
  • Friendship Drama
  • What If Your Teenager Has A Bad Friend
  • Connecting with Your Gamer
  • Knowing When to Stand Strong
  • How to stay out of my teen’s drama!
  • Learning How to Apologize to my Teen
  • How do I know when my teen needs counseling?
  • How Do I Help My Teen Through the Death of a Friend?
  • Why Does Parenting Seem So Lonely?
  • Helping Your Teenager Learn to Manage Money
  • Establishing a Trust Economy with Your Teenager
  • Thoughts on Praying for your Teenager

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