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Creativeinme - 4 Week Jr. High Series

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Adults believe some people are more creative than others. Children believe they are all creative dancers, singers, artists and actors. 

Middle schoolers are living between these two worlds. But what if we could help middle schoolers see that children actually have a better grasp of the Bible when it comes to creativity than most adults?!  

After all, the Bible describes God in Genesis as the Creator. (And He is the one who thought up the platypus!)  And when God created people, didn’t He say He was making us “in His image”  The best person who modeled that was of course: Jesus.  And when he left, the Holy Spirit came to help us all live out the image we were born with. 

So, what if we could help students understand these biblical truths and take them on an adventure where they dreamed, laughed, played, sang, danced, painted, acted, etc.  What if we could help them see that not everyone is creative in the same way, but that every person – because we are made in God’s image – has creativity as one of our core characteristics. Then, we’d have middle schoolers who’d be able to say: “I have Creativinme!” 

Creativinme is a four week series filled with more creative elements then you could ever imagine! It’s got all the added bonuses of our other series and also includes a Prezi presentation with each lesson.  There are lots of creative options and cool activities, which allows the leader to be creative and flexible. Creativinme will help students look at the creativity of God and see how God wants us to be creative.

Includes Prezi Presentation

Prezi is a really cool presentation application. Learn more about Prezi here. As an added bonus to the series, we’ve created a Prezi presentation for each lesson. Since the series is all about creativity, why not be more creative when presenting it to students?

Creativinme Overview

Week 1: Creating Creativity - Genesis 1:1-2:25

Week 2: Living Creativity -  Matthew 13

Week 3: Empowering Creativity -  1 Corinthians 12

Week 4: Needing and Growing Creativity - Genesis 1:27; Ephesians 4:15; Romans 8:11

What You Get

  • Complete Prezi Presentations (and lessons with notes for Prezi)
  • Editable lesson in Word Document and PDF. 
  • You get to choose which one works best for you. 
  • Edit as needed and easily share with your volunteers.
  • Complete PowerPoint slides. (and lessons with notes for PowerPoint)
  • Artwork that you can use for promotional purposes (flyer, web banner, handout, etc.)

Each Lesson Includes

  • Fun Opening Game
  • Teaching
  • Small group discussion questions
  • Weekly Challenge

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