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Power of Influence & Under Pressure

Power of Influence & Under Pressure

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Get Two Back to School Series:

Series #1 – Under Pressure

Series #2 – The Power of Influence

This product, like all our resources, is a download item.


This includes two 4-week series, which contains a total of 8 lessons.

Everything is downloadable. Get instant access to both series!

Under Pressure: A 4-week series equipping junior high students to handle the pressures put on them at school, home, activities (sports, music, etc.) and church.

The Power of Influence: A 4-week series helping junior high students explore the meaning and power of influence. Students will discover who & what influences them and be challenged to positively influence others.

Series are only available bundled together & you can’t purchase them separately.

What's Included:

Under Pressure

4 Week Back to School Series

The care-free days of summer are over! Junior high students now experience pressure in all areas of their lives.

Under Pressure at School
Homework, a rigid school schedule, tough subjects, tests, standardized tests on the horizon, a new school…the list goes on. Junior high students are expected to do their best and excel in school, and the pressure to perform well can add a lot of stress to their lives. The Under Pressure series helps relieve the pressure at school. Students will discover that we need God and God is all we need. They’ll be encouraged to do their best in school, and let it be at that.

Under Pressure at Home
Going back to school means changes in home-life. Junior high students have to wake up earlier, go to bed earlier, have less free time, etc. Furthermore, parents have higher expectations of their junior highers when they are in school. Parents expect them to stay on top of their homework and get good grades on top of other things, such as: chores; getting along with siblings; cleaning their rooms, etc. That’s a lot of pressure to handle. The Under Pressure series helps relieve the pressure at home. Students will learn that when they mess up, their parents and God are faithful to forgive and keep on loving them.

Under Pressure in Extracurricular Activities
Junior high students feel pressure to excel at sports, music, drama or whatever other activities they are involved in. Their coaches and instructors often turn up the heat, oftentimes demanding perfection. The Under Pressure series helps relieve the pressure in extracurricular activities. Students will be encouraged to do their best & honor God in everything they do.

Under Pressure at Church
Junior high students sometimes think they have to be perfect Christians. They feel horrible when they mess up and fail, often concluding that following Jesus is too difficult. Sin exposes their weaknesses, often making students feel like they let God down by making bad decisions. The Under Pressure series helps relieve the pressure at church. Junior high students will learn that our weakness is the greatest opportunity for others to see the light and power of Jesus.

Under Pressure Overview

Lesson 1: Pressure of School Life
Bible: Isaiah 40:28-31
Bottom Line: We need God and God is all we need!

Lesson 2: Pressure of Home Life
Bible: Luke 15:11-24
Bottom Line: When we mess up, God is faithful to forgive & keep on loving us.

Lesson 3: Pressure of Extracurricular Life
Bible: Proverbs 16:18, Romans 12:2, Colossians 3:23
Bottom Line: Accept God’s unconditional approval of you, not the approval of others.

Lesson 4: Pressure of Spiritual Life
Bible: 2 Corinthians 4:6-12; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
Bottom Line: Our weakness is the greatest opportunity for others to see the light and power of Jesus Christ

The Power of Influence

4 Week Back to School Series 

Junior high students are influenced by the world around them. Parents, teachers, coaches, friends, family, the media, etc. have a major influence on young people. Students are often unaware of how those influences affect them. They’re unaware how the world around them is shaping, molding and affecting how they think, believe and act.

The heart of the series is Isaiah 64:8 – “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

The biggest influence in our lives should be God, our Father. Junior high students will learn that God designed them to be like clay, allowing Him to influence, mold, and shape them to be more like Jesus in the way they think, believe, and act.

The Power of Influence Overview

Lesson 1: What is Influence?
Bible: Luke 19:1-10; 2 Corinthians 5:17
Bottom Line: Influence is what causes change.

Lesson 2: Leaders Shape Us
Bible: Romans 13:1; Proverbs 21:12; 2 Samuel 1-12
Bottom Line: You can learn something from both awesome and lame leaders.

Lesson 3: How to Be Great
Bible: Mark 9:33-37; Philippians 2:1-11
Bottom Line: If you want to be great then be a servant.

Lesson 4: Influence Killers
Bible: Luke 16:1-8
Bottom Line: Lousy leaders lose influence.

What You Get

  • Series artwork
  • Complete PowerPoint slides
  • Fun, crazy opening games – perfect for back to school & related to the lesson’s theme
  • Creative, relevant teaching
  • Interactive small group activities
  • Engaging small group discussion questions

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